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In addition to original paintings and assemblages, many of Bonnie's designs are available as prints, cards and on towels.
Drop by the studio to see the full selection or contact by phone or e-mail.

A Few of My Favorite Paintings - Card Collections
Each card is printed on bright white stock and packaged in a clear bag.
All collections come with 5 blank cards and envelopes.
Shipping in Canada free. US orders add $1.25.
As much fun to give as to get. Click images for larger versions.

Oh, Rats
Oh, Rats collection

My favorite rodents.
Each card is 5 ½" x 5 ½".
The Words Came Like Rain
The Words Came Like Rain collection

Moody blue beaches, umbrellas, dog and rain.
Each card is 5 ½" x 5 ½".
Something Fishy
Something Fishy collection

Salmon images of the original assemblages and paintings.
Each card is 9 ¼" x 4".
Kelp and Octopus
Kelp and Octopus collection

Kelp and octopi.
Each card is 9 ¼" x 4".
Whales collection

Fin whales, sperm whales and giant squid.
Each card is 9 ¼" x 4".
Feathers to Fur
Feathers to Fur collection

Cordelia and crows, frogs and dogs.
Each card is 9 ¼" x 4".
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