Bonnie Coulter Art

The Boar's Bristle Studio

Assemblages | Mixed Medium

I have a habit of holding onto what I love and fear losing. I collect plumb bobs and oilers as well as anything rusty that catches my attention. I am a low level horder of small artifacts that I now incorporate into my art. Found objects, deconstructed electronic instruments and typewriters, silver forks and spoons, old rusty tools, shiny objects that have lost their identity. The Aviator for example uses an antique, cowl vent to represent the large beak of the spoonbill crane. In The Lure Thief, I used more than one thousand fishing lures to bring her story to life. The banjo that Big Toad Daddy strums in Frog Holler was made from my Grandmother's coveted silver serving tongs.

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